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Welcome to InCam's news section where you can quickly appreciate the range and depth of our experience and installations. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact
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Chessington Community College contract win
InCam offer greens : self-sustaining power schemes and connectivity for remote operation
Featherstone High continues IP CCTV expansion
Solent Academy go megapixel
Liberum Capital choose InCam and Axis for CityPoint trading floors
FFL growth demands more Axis cameras
PG Drives Technology select Milestone
InCam star in Milestone's new marketing
Amicus Technology deploy Sony network cameras at Royal Marsden
Select Hardware select Milestone for site security
Hayling College extend IP CCTV
University of Reading meteorology camera
Herries Preparatory School bettlecam! InCam and CDC sponsored
Motorola rapid response assembled for Russia
Featherstone High School select InCam, Axis and Milestone
InCam working closely with CDC, Jordan
Motorola rapid response for Marseille Fire Department (incl video clip)
Rodborough Technology College extends its IP CCTV solution
InCam become Hampshire County Council approved
New technology partnerships
Motorola equips its rapid response sales force
Marist Catholic Primary School update
Rodborough Technology College update
Rodborough Technology College selects InCam for IP CCTV
3T RPD automate further with Axis 213's and InCam
Motorola rapid response solution ships
InCam and Axis Communications support Gipsy Moth IV
InCam expands airline caterer's IP CCTV solution
New-build primary school turns to InCam for IP CCTV and Access Control
InCam appointed as Professional Consultants to Motorola UK for IP video

InCam wins Chessington Community College Contract

InCam are delighted to announce that we have been chosen to design and commission an integrated IP surveillance and access control solution for the Chessington Community College regeneration project in 2008.

Chessington secured a grant from the Royal Borough of Kingston for the £23m project to provide its students with an outstanding learning environment - a 'pathfinder' project for the DfES which sets the template for 13 other education establishments.

InCam have designed a system around Axis and Sony network cameras - managed and streamed by the Milestone XProtect video management system. The open platform of Milestone enables the college to choose exactly how the system grows in the future and enables us to fully customise the interface to incorporate intuitive maps for camera and access control event information.

Paxton's excellent Net2 access control suite is specified for control of vehicle and pedestrian access - including main entrance barriers and lifts.

InCam's Director Paul Stout commented "this is another example of integrated solutions being recognised as the clear way forward. We are very pleased to be offering up superb products from Axis, Sony, Milestone and Paxton and continue to see strong demand in the education sector for these very flexible security and site management tools."

This is truly an excellent project for a highly respected college and Borough and a fine collection of contractors are managing and developing this building for its completion in September. InCam are delighted to be partnering Modular Cabling - providing us with excellent infrastructure design and implementation of a first class multi-gigabit network.

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InCam offer greens - battery/solar/wind/water power and remote communications

We are pleased to present a range of solutions for truly remote and self-sustaining operation of our network camera kits. Using any required combination of alternative power schemes, InCam can build you a camera configuration that can live just about anywhere - and send images to just about anywhere.

A combination of excellent product engineering and technical know-how enables us to provide these robust solutions - whether you are interested in monitoring livestock in a field or pressure gauges at a remote reservoir.

Virtually any network camera product can be used in combination with this 'green' approach. Even pan/tilt/zoom devices. The 3G/GPRS router/switch solution that provides communication over the mobile networks is supplied with a SIM card that has a static IP address assigned, enabling any authorised workstation to access the data and receive alerts. What's more, this hardened and ruggedised unit has built in VPN support for a secure method of communication with the camera or other connected networked devices.

The LVM battery/solar/wind/water power products are market leading - guaranteeing long life and excellent output. The AeroGen turbines can operate even in very high winds and have a protection mechanism that allows them to furl in storm-force conditions. A variety of sizes and voltage outputs are available depending upon the power scheme required. Similarly the SolarGen high performance solar modules offer a number of sizes and voltage outputs. The AquaGen water generators are specifically designed for being towed behind boats but can also be used in running water courses. All solutions incorporate circuit protection - ensuring any batteries do no overcharge or deplete too far.

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Southampton University's Solent Maritime Academy goes megapixel

InCam are delighted to have been selected by Southampton University to provide a leading edge surveillance solution for use in the Maritime Academy's simulator rooms. Megapixel cameras from IQeye will record high frame rate video of student training sessions that can be reviewed across the campus network.

Students will be under pressure to keep the ship simulator on an even keel and the 701-series cameras will be watching every detail - and all recording to Milestone XProtect Professional.

The University plan to store the training footage for assessment and onwardly process into High Definition (HD) formats. Our local partners, SmartCCTV are assisting the installation of this complex video configuration using leading-edge IQeye megapixel network cameras.

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FFL growth continues

FFL Airline Catering Services based in Crawley and serving Gatwick airport have extended their IP surveillance system further still. Now incorporating yet another building for storage and logistics as the success story of this company continues.

InCam have installed a secure multi-point wireless bridging system to carry camera and other network traffic from the new building back to main HQ. The wireless approach has saved thousands of pounds that would, ordinarily, have been required to dig trenches and lay fibre-optic links - even if planning permission could have been obtained.

Not only that but this infrastructure also serves an IP-centric access control system allowing total control and a great feature set to be fully utilised by staff from workstations at any of the company's offices. Security and integrated solutions at their best.
The bridge can also support IP telephoney data and the GPS vehicle tracking system that details precise movement of the fleet.

The new camera subsystem makes use of Axis 211 network cameras for external duties and 212 megapixel digital pan/tilt/zoom units for great coverage of internal space. Superb image detail available real-time, all the time. From anywhere - even on the MD's smartphone.

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Liberum Capital trade up to InCam and Axis

London CityPoint-based trading firm, Liberum Capital, have opted for an InCam solution of Axis network cameras and Axis Camera Station software in order to secure their trading floors.

A number of Axis 207 network cameras are deployed around the offices recording high frame-rate video to a central server platform. Sophisticated alerting is configured to inform staff of unauthorised activity at certain times. Meanwhile live and recorded video is available at authorised workstations - offering complete control of this very flexible and informative system.

The Axis 207 cameras use power over ethernet configuration - simplifying installation and making for an aesthetically pleasing deployment.

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Featherstone High School IP CCTV expansion

Under InCam's guidance, Featherstone has seen enormous benefits in the trials of Milestone XProtect software with Axis network cameras. The school has now deployed a number of Axis 212 digital pan/tilt/zoom megapixel network cameras - complementing the existing system.

Milestone XProtect Professional has been installed on a dedicated server platform and video is recorded in high quality and real time. Archived video is stored on network attached storage devices for up to 14 days.

Additionally authorised staff have video streamed directly to their desks - allowing full control of some or all cameras at any time they choose. The system is growing all the time and the latest inclusion is that of Axis' 291 1U video server chassis - allowing the site's existing analogue cameras to be seamlessly merged into the IP solution using Axis 241Q blade servers - networking and digitising up to 4 analogue cameras per blade (maximum of 3 per chassis). ICT Manager Harjinder Bhambra simply states "we love it!"

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Axis 212 digital PTZ megapixel network camera


PG Drives Technology motor with Milestone

PG Drives Technology are a leading manufacturer of industrial electric vehicle controls for mobility scooters and other powered vehicles. The UK division of this American company is based in Christchurch, Dorset and was keen to find a surveillance platform for a number of network cameras that they have deployed.

InCam recommended Milestone XProtect as a reliable and scalable product for recording high frame rate, quality video to a server platform. The software offers a web-based interface such that local staff and other PGDT offices can log in and review manufacturing processes etc. Indeed with audio-enabled network cameras, the system doubles as a very effective videoconferencing tool - perfect for remote production consultation.

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InCam stars in new Milestone marketing initiative

As a leader in the video surveillance software industry, Milestone does not stand still. 2007 saw the launch of a new platform designed specifically for larger installations of networked video. Milestone XProtect 'Corporate' is highly integrated into Microsoft's server and development platforms - delivering a truly scalable, feature rich and secure platform on which to build highly integrated solutions.

As partners, InCam were involved in the early Beta programme for this new breed of software and with our own knowledge of Microsoft server platforms, we fully understand the benefits that this approach will bring to larger scale deployments. The full Corporate brochure is available below and the product is now available to purchase.

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Milestone XProtect Corporate (PDF)


Amicus deploys Sony network cameras at The Royal Marsden

Amicus technology - a leading provider of IT provision and services - based in Southampton turned to InCam for advice and procurement of network cameras for this prestigious NHS Trust. InCam selected Sony SNC-RZ25P pan/tilt/zoom network cameras for reliable monitoring of equipment.

Authorised users are able to access the camera across the local or remote network using its web interface - controlling the camera to provide very fine detail of the scene. The RZ25P is an excellent camera for such a task and a very cost effective way of providing 24/7 networked and remote monitoring.

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Milestone Pro is selected by Select Hardware

Select Hardware of Rowley Regis, Birmingham needed to find a new platform for their network of IP cameras. The cameras were tasked with overseeing key warehouse and entry/exit points of this successful hardware distributor. However a mix of cameras from various manufacturers meant that they had to find an open platform which offered a very flexible feature set and distributed video - enter Milestone XProtect Professional.

Milestone supports a huge range of networked video devices from a large number of manufacturers. Unlike many software offerings that tie the user in to selecting cameras from the same manufacturer, Milestone's 'open' approach means the solution can be entirely dictated by the user.

InCam proposed the solution and our post-sales support ensured that installation and configuration was smooth and efficient. Select Hardware are now using the software in anger to protect staff, premises and stock. Live and recorded video is streamed to authorised users' networked workstations to ensure a proactive approach to security is maintained at all times.

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Hayling College extend IP CCTV

Hayling College is a centre of IT and Maths excellence and was one of InCam's first customers. We installed a pilot system at the school in the earlier days of IP CCTV to assess how the college could benefit from cameras in a few distinct locations. Initially it was a mix of internal and external cameras - even with units in high risk classrooms such as the ICT suites where petty theft and vandalism were common. Problems were eradicated immediately as no attempt was made to hide these cameras. Staff also noticed a significant change in behaviour patterns when the cameras were introduced and this is undiminished.

The system allowed permitted users to control the cameras and create video extracts of incidents. Of course, after hours, the cameras played a vital role in overseeing the premises with remote access to footage available to keyholders through secure internet connections.

Hayling's own excellent IT infrastructure has moved on considerably with heavy investment as the network is prepared for media streaming in many forms. The CCTV is now due to be upgraded to include more Axis cameras - Axis 213 and 214 series pan/tilt/zoom cameras, 206 and 210A internal cameras, 211 cameras for fixed-position external duties and Axis 241Q video servers to digitise existing analogue, covert cameras that are in place around the campus. The recording platform is Milestone XProtect with excellent scalability, stability and features for quick and easy review of incidents.

InCam are delighted to be assisting further with this project and the enthusiasm of head staff and premises managers are testimony to the fact that the system is of great benefit to the college. Further plans are to scale the system to each and every classroom and introduce our Access Control solution to vulnerable entrances/exits and areas.

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The University of Reading meteorology camera

The University of Reading are leading researchers of meteorology. Working closely alongside the Met Office, the University has excellent skills and facilities to provide data and analysis - a world leading centre of excellence in atmospheric sciences.

The Department of Meteorology is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence for teaching and research in the science of the atmosphere and oceans, including weather systems, climate and climate change, remote sensing and atmospheric pollution.

InCam were delighted when Reading asked us to devise a solution for monitoring cloud formations at set times throughout the day. We decided to use an Axis 232D dome network camera in a specially adapted, inverted, enclosure. The camera is required to go to set positions and elevations at certain times of the day, take a snapshot and store it in a folder on a file server. A web application will then publish chronologically ordered images automatically. Milestone's excellent XProtect product is also employed to provide recordings of 'sky scans' - allowing staff to replay and analyse weather systems as they form.

The Axis 232D has been selected because it is one of the highest quality, flexible network cameras available with excellent mechanical strength for continuous touring and very fine optics. The camera is mounted within its specialised dome on a small tower that houses other meteorology equipment. The camera transmits images across a dedicated and secure wireless link to a building and then on to the University's core network via fibre optic backbone.

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Herries Preparatory School beetlecam! InCam and CDC sponsored

The Herries School is a very ecologically minded place. The school enjoys very small class sizes to ensure that pupils get the very best out of their education and enjoy their time in this very friendly atmosphere.

The highly regarded school in Cookham Dean near Maidenhead takes great pride in some very interesting projects and InCam have been delighted to assist with a conservation project around the Stag Beetle. Log piles - common habitat - have been in place for some time and the children play an active role in logging activity and researching the habits of these fine insects.

Mr Yazan Mufti, Chairman of Communications Development Company in Amman, Jordan has close links with the school and asked for InCam's assistance to design a suitable camera rig that could provide live video to the classroom, be recorded onto a nominated workstation and be shared with other organisations and schools across the internet. The product choice was straightforward enough - a high end network camera; the Axis 214 pan/tilt/zoom recording to Milestone XProtect using their free 1 channel licence promotion.

The camera is required to spend a lot of time outdoors but be flexible enough that it can be moved as required. InCam decided to use a derivative of the solutions that make up our rapid response product set (see below) and designed a new tripod mounting mechanism that would allow the camera to tilt to ground levels - in order to capture video within the log piles.

The results have been received very well and the children are very excited about this new dimension to their very important project. The video can be streamed to interactive whiteboards or any computer on the network. With permission, other school's can share the live feed across the internet and a new web page and blog is being constructed to host the wealth of information. Video clips and interesting excerpts will be uploaded by the school regularly for visitors.

Year 4 teacher, Anne Sweeney told us "the kids have been majorly inspired and we spent the last 10 days totally focused on the project, using it as a base for cross-curricular work in English, Maths, Science, Art and DT. They have put together a class project which I am submitting for a competition. The quality of the work was very high and the network camera provided both a motivational stimulus and a lot of information".

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Milestone XProtect free 1 channel licence

Axis 214 network camera within a custom dome on a Manfrotto tripod InCam's own tilting dome fitment design

Motorola rapid response assembled for Russia

Another rapid response solution - this time bound for Russia. With the usual mix of Sony network cameras, GarrettCom ruggedised ethernet switching, Manfrotto tripods and our own fittings and Milestone XProtect software, this solution is sure to impress the end client and provide a portable and tough basis for networked video.

Further links...
Motorola Mesh portal
Motorola Mesh: Ripon, CA case study (PDF)
see below


Featherstone High School select InCam, Axis and Milestone

Featherstone High School in Ealing is very forward-thinking. Excellent facilities ensure that students have the very best ICT at their disposal and the roll-out of some impressive networks is proof of that.

The school has implemented a host of power-over-ethernet, wireless and voice over IP projects to provide a great infrastructure now and for the future. Attention quickly turned to CCTV and the ways in which the network could be maximised using these highly flexible cameras.

The school has big plans to implement IP CCTV and has started out by taking advice from InCam regarding Axis and Milestone products. In May the school purchased ten Axis 211A power-over-ethernet cameras which were very quickly deployed. No electrical services were required as the cameras simply connected to the Cat5 RJ45 outlets around the school to send power and data down a single cable.

Milestone XProtect Enterprise edition is now being evaluated with a view to it providing an excellent recording platform.

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Axis 210A fixed-position network camera


InCam working closely with CDC, Jordan

InCam are looking at a number of projects with Communications Development Company based in Amman, Jordan. CDC is a well respected group providing infrastructure and network solutions to Government and other agencies.

InCam are assisting in the area of networked surveillance across a number of projects and we look forward to this relationship growing and providing clients with excellent solutions and services.


Motorola rapid response for Marseille Fire Department

Motorola's rapid response infrastructure is assembled for the Marseille Fire Department, France. The system enables fire fighters to deploy InCam's surveillance solution in just a few minutes with voice and video data all handled by Motorola's mesh network. Highly available, fault tolerant and instantly scalable networking.

Similar to a system trialled by Orange County's Fire Department, the fire trucks power the network equipment with the deployable units on our custom tripod fittings served by battery power. Sony SNC-RZ25 pan/tilt/zoom cameras ensure that operators don't miss any vital detail as they can control these high quality optical units from wherever they are across mesh. Video is recorded from multiple cameras to the Milestone XProtect database running on a laptop within the truck.

Dependable, rugged network video solutions from InCam incorporating hardware from Sony, GarrettCom, Manfrotto and Milestone.

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Marseille Fire Department's rapid response solution across Motorola Mesh

Click to control the video of Orange County's Mesh Track solution from Motorola | Fox 13 TV, US

Rodborough Technology College extends its IP CCTV solution

Rodborough have chosen to install Axis 225FD fixed dome cameras to monitor vulnerable hotspots on the college campus. These robust domes serve as an excellent source of digital images and compliment the rest of the system perfectly. The power-over-ethernet domes are capable of very high quality video recording during the day time and are supplemented by lighting during the hours of darkness.

Investment is continuing to be made in Rodborough's network infrastructure - ensuring it is first class for the services demanded by the curriculum.

The college actively uses the Milestone-based recording system to track events and manage the site on a daily basis. The camera video streams are accessible to defined users both on and off site via secure connections.

Further links...
Rodborough's website

Axis 225FD fixed dome network camera


Hampshire County Council approved contractor status

After a rigorous process, InCam are pleased to announce their approved status with Hampshire County Council. This is another significant step for our company as we strive to provide excellent IP CCTV and Access Control solutions and services to education and other public organisations within the county.

Further links (or click the logo)...
Hants web

visit the Hantsweb site


New partnerships

We are delighted to announce two new partnerships this month - DataNet UK and WirelessCNP.
InCam's projects are centred around offering our clients the very best expertise and services available. Partnerships are vital in growing our portfolio of offerings that add up to an excellent and seamless solution for our customers.

DataNet UK are a leading business ISP offering excellent ADSL, SDSL and MPLS connectivity solutions as well as hosting and redundant platforms. Truly business class, secure, connectivity solutions that bring a wealth of options for our customer base.

WirelessCNP are pioneers in the world of wireless excellence. Delivering reliable and scalable radio-based connectivity solutions where fixed connectivity either won't reach or is too costly. As well as voice, video over wireless is very much a practical solution in many cases and InCam are delighted to team up with WirelessCNP.

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Motorola equips its Rapid Response sales force

Motorola UK are driving their stunning Rapid Response product set hard and equipping Western European sales teams with hybrid surveillance solutions from InCam. Further kits incorporating GarrettCom ruggedised ethernet switching, Sony RZ25 pan/tilt/zoom network cameras in reslient domes and our bespoke carbon fibre tripod assemblies are now en route to Europe and the Middle East. The software solution for reliability and scalability is, as ever, the dependable Milestone XProtect Pro suite with the new Pro version 4.6a bringing excellent new features such as PDA streaming and an improved Remote Client.

Sales for this remarkable wireless mesh technology are expected to surge as military and emergency services see, for themselves, the immense benefits of rapidly deploying this kit in the field. The solutions have a huge application portfolio further including crowd control and event management and Motorola's might is now fully focused on accelerating the market potential.

InCam are now looking to integrate Sony's forthcoming RX550 camera into the solution. This camera includes a stronger optical zoom, improved MPEG-4 efficiency, full 360 degree rotation and wireless mesh support.

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Rodborough Beacon School & Technology College select InCam

Through our valuable partnership with Gardiner Security, Rodborough Beacon School and Technology College have chosen InCam to provide an IP CCTV solution to reside on their existing IT infrastructure over a mix of wired and wireless networks. A project to provide support to safety and security at the extensive site in Godalming, Surrey, 17 Axis digital network cameras will be installed and record to Milestone Systems' excellent XProtect surveillance software.

As well as providing a dependable record of events, the system allows teaching and management staff the ability to view image streams real-time from their own desktop workstations and coordinate with other staff around the site via mobile communications. The effective site management facet of the system is a key driver for schools and colleges like Rodborough when considering this technology. In short, InCam's solutions are far from being just an effective security system.

Update 04 November 2005: The Rodborough School IP CCTV solution is fully installed and operational. Site coverage is excellent and accessibility available to key staff enables a new level of site management. Further infrastructure upgrades at the school will provide scope for further system enhancements as gigabit networking is rolled out across the campus.

Further links...
Rodborough's website


3T RPD Limited automate further with Axis 213's

InCam have helped 3T RPD Limited of Newbury select Axis 213 pan/tilt/zoom network cameras in order to monitor their market leading rapid prototyping technology. 3T run the largest sintering capability in the UK - rapidly melting and bonding layers of powder together using computer controlled lasers within 'sintering stations'. 3D models are quickly formed from this very rapid prototyping process.

The Axis 213 cameras allow 3T to remotely view the status of the sintering stations and the models forming within - proactively managing the manufacturing process to avoid any delays and save unnecessary costs. With 340 degree movement and a 26x zoom, these fantastic cameras give a first class view of the all-important detail - and can be controlled from any remote location over the web.

Further links...
3T RPD's website


Motorola Rapid Response solution ships

InCam's continued involvement in Motorola's rapid response solutions produces a 4 camera system bound for Russia. InCam provide the consultancy and supply of Sony IPELA RZ25P network cameras within in-house modified Videotec dome housings. Each camera sits atop a tripod with guide wires for additional stability in difficult terrain. InCam also supplied various accessories for the project including ruggedised ethernet switching, battery packs, Pelican cases and cabling. The recording software is Milestone XProtect Professional.

The solution is deployable in 15 minutes from land vehicles or helicopters and MPEG-4 video footage is streamed to ruggedised laptops/pda's and to any remote command centre over Motorola's wireless Mesh infrastructure. Data travels at up to 1.5mbps even when vehicles are travelling at speeds in excess of 200mph. See related news story of 13 April 05 below.

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InCam & Axis Communications support Gipsy Moth IV

InCam and Axis are delighted to be joining a number of partners supporting the Gipsy Moth IV project - Sir Francis Chichester's famous yacht in which he circumnavigated the globe in 1966-67 in just 274 days. Having been restored over some 12000 man hours, the vessel set sail from Plymouth in September to re-enact that great trip and provide an impression of life on board for some deserving children.

Gipsy Moth IV was literally rotting from the inside out at its resting place in Greenwich. The team headed by David Green have done a fantastic job to manage the entire project which will culminate in the start of the new voyage from Plymouth.

Axis and InCam have supplied an Axis video server and support services that will relay analogue camera images from life on board, via satellite, to the official web site.

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InCam expands airline caterer's solution

FFL Airline Catering Services based in Crawley and serving Gatwick airport have extended their IP surveillance system to incorporate a further building. Building on continuing success, FFL have opened an airline storage warehouse that is served by sophisticated security products including an InCam-designed and installed IP surveillance system.

The new system uses a further nine Axis network cameras recording to Milestone XProtect Basis+. Live and recorded video imaging is accessible at authorised workstations across different company sites and by managers using pda's and roaming laptops. Far from being 'just' an excellent security-oriented solution, FFL gain real benefits from using the system as a management tool - allowing coordination of activities from remote sites and, importantly, saving money.

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Article: Security Management Today Aug 05 (PDF 800kb)
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New-build primary school turns to InCam for IP CCTV and access control

The Marist Catholic Primary school in West Byfleet, Surrey is a new-build school with some very forward thinking. The school has been designed and is being built to a very high specification. InCam have been awarded the contract to install an IP surveillance and access control solution using twelve Axis cameras and Milestone XProtect software. The access control solution is based upon Paxton's excellent Net2 product line that, in the Autumn, sees a new release allowing integration with Milestone's video database - converging the products into a formidable security package.

The installation will record high quality imagery to a central server in a secure area across the school's IT network. Authorised users including the head teacher and bursar can connect to any of the live camera feeds from their own workstations to review activity. Detailed log files contain information on camera activity and building access. The entire solution is highly self-managing.

InCam were introduced to the project through our partnership with Gardiner Security. We then went on to design and propose the entire solution with the school's key requirements totally in mind. The Marist Catholic Primary school is due to open in November 2005.

Update 06 November 2005: The fantastic new Marist school is now open and has a wealth of technology at its disposal. The IP CCTV and access control systems were completed on time by InCam and the school have expressed their genuine delight at the benefits and ease of use. The cameras are linked through smartboards in the classrooms and authorised teaching staff can monitor all areas of the site at the click of a mouse. The Net2 access control system gives a highly detailed view of who is in the building at any point in time and the school is very much in charge of its own excellent security and procedures.

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InCam appointed as professional consultants to Motorola for IP video

InCam are delighted to announce that they have been selected to provide services and supplies to Motorola UK.

Motorola are completing their own product development of Mesh-enabled networks - high speed, reliable wireless networking maintaining consistently high bandwidth even within vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 200mph. Mesh relays network traffic from peer to peer and does not require a central 'hub' as with traditional networks. With other features including positioning information, these networks are highly adaptable to a wide range of applications.

The product set centres around rapid response solutions for deploying networked hardware for voice, data and video. The subjectivity associated with voice-only communications (radio etc) is removed when video is added to the equation - making a highly portable system very effective in scenarios such as counter terrorism and hostage situations.

Motorola and InCam have been assessing a number of camera solutions on their Mesh networks - optimising MPEG-4 video streaming to gain a balance between quality and performance. Specifically IP products from Axis and Sony alongside high quality analogue 'bullet' cameras are capable of forming parts of these world-leading solutions for the military and emergency services worldwide.

Initially InCam will be supplying cameras, housings, tripods, battery packs and ruggedised ethernet switching for these hybrid surveillance solutions. Motorola's continuing testing of Milestone's XProtect product range is likely to see this adopted as a standard recording suite for the solutions.

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